What is encapsulation carpet cleaning?

Encapping is a “very low moisture” (VLM) type of cleaning that uses polymers to encapsulate and crystallize stains and dirt for immediate vacuuming. These polymers act like small sponges. The crystals absorb and hold dirt and soil to be vacuumed out, leaving no sticky residue and providing a deep clean. For the past few decades, encapsulation has gained popularity and garnered a reputation for both commercial and residential carpet cleaning.

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Very Fast Dry Time (30 to 60 Minutes)
Sanitizer & Deodorizer Always Applied at No Additional Charge
Hygienically Clean Carpets
Carpet Lasts Longer
Fewer Carpet Cleanings Required in the Future
Safe for You, Your Children, Pets, Customers, Employees, etc.
Carpet Smells Fresher, Longer
Uses MINIMAL Water (Ten Times Less than Hot-Water Extraction)
No Air Pollution
No Noise Pollution
No Water Pollution
No Risk of Mold or Mildew
No Sticky Residue
No Hoses
No Open Doors
No Wick-Backs

Our encapsulation solutions are a unique blend of plant-based & other GREEN surfactants coupled with a brittle drying copolymer. They are very safe and environmentally friendly with over 99.6% readily biodegradable ingredients at use dilution.

Our solutions do not contain any petroleum distillates, butyl, ammonium hydroxide, enzymes, phosphates, etc.

Side-by-side tests with competitive products, even the ones that aren’t GREEN, will easily convince you of both its SUPER cleaning power and its ability to remove dirt and mal-odor.

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The VLM Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning King
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