Area’s Best provides amazing customer service for those looking for professional carpet cleaning services. Everyone wants to have a clean home and workplace, and it is a challenge to find a good cleaning service to help make sure your carpets and upholstery are kept at their best. Additionally, many people have a growing concern about using harmful chemicals in their home or business – we use a unique formulation of eco-friendly green cleaning products.

Area’s Best uses non-toxic cleaning solutions. You can be sure that we will deliver the best green cleaning services.

We are committed to your health and your satisfaction!

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Very Low Moisture Encapsulation

We use Very Low Moisture (VLM) process that usually dries in less than two hours. VLM Encapsulation leaves only 1/20th the carbon foot print of steam cleaning. Low moisture carpet cleaning with natural organic solutions cleans your home better while protecting you and our planet.

See the Commercial Cleaning page for more information about the many benefits of VLM Encapsulation.

The low moisture system gives you years more on your carpet if you clean on a regular basis.

Roto-Vac Rotary Extraction

Additionally we offer rotary extraction gives many more cleaning and drying passes than a standard carpet cleaning wand. Combined with our eco-friendly, green cleaning chemicals you’ll receive the very best cleaning available. View the demonstration of the Roto-Vac cleaning system HERE.